Belswan Mandurah has recently initiated a series of coffee mornings in response to the social club’s latest survey, in which around 90% of replies indicated they would enjoy such casual events.

The idea was that new villagers could come along and meet people as well as those who have been here for a while catching up with old friends.   With plenty of chatter and laughter, feedback to date has been very positive.

Recent talks include one short one by Cath who has lived in the village for 22 years and still regularly takes very fast walks around the place at the ripe age of nearly 95!   Cath described the village in the early days and how much she has loved living here.

Hopefully, this encourages other villagers to also tell their stories, not only about their life in the village, but also about life prior to being here.

The second talk was by Marion, who is coordinating the presentations for these mornings.   Her talk was a celebration of International Women’s Day which falls on 8 March.  She spoke of three inspirational women from WA:

  • Grace Bussell, who at a very young age, was involved in rescuing many people from a shipwreck off the South West coast.
  • Eileen Joyce, who grew up in Boulder and went on to become a celebrated international concert pianist – we enjoyed watching a short video of her playing
  • Dr Fiona Woods, who was responsible for inventing spray on skin which has saved the lives of many burns victims, particularly after the Bali bombings.  Again, we enjoyed a short video of Dr Woods, who is a remarkable woman.

To date history, culture and science has been covered, with many other interesting topics planned ahead!

The morning tea series is just one of many social activities enjoyed by residents at Belswan Mandurah.  To discover more about living at Belswan Mandurah or Pinjarra contact Grant on 1800 000 055.