In this fast moving world it’s easy to feel isolated. Neighbours and friends move away, the kids don’t visit as much as you might like and the maintenance of your family home and garden is getting beyond you. Perhaps it’s time to consider a Belswan Lifestyle Village in either Mandurah or Pinjarra for a more fulfilling, stimulating and connected retirement.

For those on their own or a couple there is always someone who has the same interests as yourself and can share the joys and any bumps you might encounter in life. If you’re recovering from an illness or a bereavement there’ll be a fellow resident who understands what you’re going through and can brighten your day with a bunch of flowers or a calming chat over a cup of coffee.

Take a look at the amenities all covered by low weekly fees – a Clubhouse that is the centre for all the social activity – heated swimming pools, where you can swim a few laps or join in some water aerobics – bowling greens for social or inter village competitions – a village garden where you can grow your own vegies or join a merry band of elves in a fully equipped workshop who handcraft furniture and children’s toys, for the villages or external charities.

There’s a choice of modern homes designed for easy living, all in a relaxed garden setting. Your four legged pets are also most welcome.

Why would you sit at home in the suburbs hoping the phone might ring or someone might drop in for a chat? At a Belswan Village you can be as active or as passive as you like when it comes to your social activity but there is plenty of choices. You could join a choir, take up art or craft, play indoor bowls or throw a few darts, maybe even join a movie club and catch up on all the movies you might have missed.

Then there’s the theme nights, you name it, it’s on.

Not all the activity is in the villages, Belswan residents are always off on day trips to places of mutual interest and if you don’t drive a weekly shopper bus can whip you off to the supermarket for your supplies.

Perhaps the best feature of a Belswan Lifestyle Village is the supportive community spirit, always someone looking out for you, either fellow residents or our friendly village managers who welcome you and smooth your pathway to a new lifestyle.