Robyn and her husband moved to Belswan Pinjarra in 2018, a time when Robyn was selling retirement living properties throughout Perth and surrounds.

“I like the positive relationship between Belswan’s management and the village residents, which you don’t often see in other villages,” said Robyn.  “Plus, the organisation and financials are very good.”

“The village offers a relaxed lifestyle and it has a great energy – a relaxed casual atmosphere – and I love Pinjarra. It’s quiet but has all the necessary facilities and services and is an easy walk and gopher friendly with everything in reach.  The village is also well located close to Mandurah and Perth for those other important requirements.

My husband recently passed away and having friends and like-minded people in the village, some with similar experiences, has been very supportive.

It’s a cohesive community lifestyle and if something goes wrong, for example when Covid restrictions were in place, we felt safe but not isolated. Even though we were all complying with the restrictions, we could wave to each other and communicate across driveways, with a sense of comraderie and ongoing empathetic management support, if and when required.

The lifestyle offers peace of mind for my family as well and you can choose to participate in village activities, with the facilities second to none, an important priority for my husband and myself when we made the decision over many other villages in choosing Belswan Pinjarra as the place we wanted to live.

It’s the friendships, the country feel and the supportive community lifestyle that are so rewarding, for me. A great and fun way to spend my recent retirement”.

Belswan Pinjarra Resident


Kirsty and her husband Martin took 12 months to decide to move into Belswan Mandurah in 2022, having considered a home in Mandurah as well as the village.  “We chose Belswan because we loved the feel of the village and the extensive greenways, plus the house suited our needs with a space for both of our “at home” hobbies in particular,” said Kirsty.

“I retired last September with Martin still working fulltime for another six months.  We moved here for the community lifestyle and I’m involved in the choir,  I swim, use the gym and walk the dogs a lot.  Martin, when he has some spare time, spends it in his veggie plot.”

With a background in events management, Kirsty has just taken a role with the social club, as well as recently starting a line dancing group to the village’s busy social calendar – a great social and fitness activity.   A keen photographer, Kirsty also captures the fun moments of key events held in the village.

“We are very happy with our move to Belswan, it’s a great place to be and we just love Mandurah.”


Belswan Mandurah Residents


After having done their research, Terry and Janeen knew the instant they visited Belswan Pinjarra that this was the village for them.

“It felt right,” said Janeen. “It ticks all the boxes and is just the perfect place.”

“We have lived at Belswan Pinjarra now for 18 months, having moved from Mandurah.  We were welcomed immediately by all residents whom we have found to be of a very like mind to ourselves.

The staff and contractors within the village are extremely friendly and efficient and know all residents by name.  The village and gardens are exceptionally well maintained and any maintenance required is quickly attended to,” adds Terry.

“The lifestyle here is quiet, relaxed and friendly.  We enjoy the wonderful facilities which include a heated pool and spa, gym, resident bar and coffee shop, hairdresser, locked caravan storage and many more.  There is also a large area set aside for resident veggie plots and even though we don’t have a plot yet, we have been treated to many fresh vegetables given to us by those who do.

The social club is very active and we have attended quite of few of the organised functions which have been fun and well supported by other residents.  It’s a very welcoming community and you can do as much or as little as you like.

We have recently been away for over 6 months in our caravan and felt confident in locking and leaving our home as it was well cared for by staff and other residents during our absence.

We are very comfortable with our move to Belswan and have made some wholesome and good-humoured friendships.  The time to enjoy this lifestyle is now and we’re convinced we will be here for many years.”

Terry and Janeen
Belswan Pinjarra Residents


Sue and her husband moved to Belswan Mandurah from acreage in Furnissdale to be closer to the heart of Mandurah.  “My husband had health issues and looking after the property was getting too much.  We also had friends who had just moved in and loved the village”, said Sue.

“The eight years since the move has just flown. Our sons were supportive and we chose a beautiful home that looks out onto the village greenway where we could sit and watch all the birds, as many birds as there were on our property actually.  My husband passed away 6 months after the move.

Living in the village is the best thing.  You can get involved as much or as least as you want in the activities and I just love it. I am so busy.”   Sue is a regular at lawn bowls, carpet bowls, craft, the dance group and aqua aerobics in the village and until lately has also been a regular at exercise classes at the Mandurah Aquatic centre.  “I’ve recently been travelling with my new partner from the village and it’s great to be able to lock and leave knowing things here are safe.

We are so close to everything Mandurah has to offer – the hospital is just around the corner and its a 5-minute drive to the train station or the Mandurah Forum.” 

Belswan Mandurah Resident