• I chose Belswan Pinjarra because it was close to my family. The residents are what make this estate so good. They are all so friendly and enjoy doing things together. Tony has been terrific not only helping me but all those residents who have odd jobs that need to be done around their homes. I really don’t know how I would have got on without him.
    Daphne Durnin Resident Belswan Estate
  • My block in a rural town became too big to look after. Here at Belswan Pinjarra everything is easy care so I get together with the other single blokes and we take my tinnie out on the inlet and get into the fishing. When we return with a good catch we are very popular with the other residents. I also have plenty of time to catch up on my other hobbies, foiling and stained glass in the estate workshop, which I love.
    Graham Penno Resident Belswan Estate
  • We fell in love with this corner site and our house is just as we imagined it. With the McLarty oval just over the road we knew we would never be built out and the country freedom would last forever. We are longing to get into our craft. We have both hopped into our hand crafts, Tony in wood turning and all round handyman, while I do tapestries like those on the wall, and ceramics. We also love the clubhouse and all the lovely people in the estate.
    Tony and Fran Lavender Residents Belswan Estate
  • We had lived in Belswan’s Mandurah Estate for some six and a half years, and thoroughly enjoyed our time there and made a lot of really good friends. When we heard Belswan was building this new generation estate in Pinjarra, with such great facilities, we decided to move to the country. There is a fantastic community spirit here, and we are always attending various functions organised by our fellow residents. On Sundays we just love being able to walk to the new Pinjarra Junction shopping centre, buy the newspaper and relax in one of the cafes sipping coffee.
    John and Pam Howard Residents Belswan Estate