We have all had to make drastic changes to our daily living routines to minimise the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, and we at Belswan Lifestyle Estates are playing our part to keep our residents and staff safe and healthy.

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Protecting our Residents and Staff

For the safety and protection of our residents and staff, we have implemented the Government’s regulations such as: closing common facilities, restricting gatherings to two people, safe social distancing of 1.5 metres minimum, good hygiene practices and self-isolation for the more vulnerable residents.

Supporting Residents Physically and Mentally

For our residents who are for whatever reason confining themselves to their homes, we have arranged for bulk delivery of goods from chemists, butchers, market gardens, grocery shops and the like to each village, with volunteers and staff delivering the goods direct to homes. In addition, volunteer residents are shopping on behalf of other residents less able or willing to venture out themselves.

Residents are being encouraged to contact other residents regularly to minimise loneliness by telephone, social media, over the fence chatting, dog walking or simply sitting outside the fronts of their houses saying g’day to others walking past. Many are exercising by walking along the greenbelts and pathways within the villages, always careful not to get too close to others.

Visitors, Carers, Tradesman and Families

Visitors are welcome provided they have not been overseas or interstate in the past 14 days, have not been in contact with anyone confirmed or suspected of have COVID-19, and do not have a cold, influenza, fever or are coughing. Every visitor must report to the village administration office where the manager or their assistants will take their temperature before they can enter the villages proper. Their names are recorded as well as who they are visiting.

Potential Buyers

For anyone interested in living in a Belswan village, our Sales Associate Robyn is available by appointment to show them through individual vacant houses on a one-on-one basis. You will be asked to wear gloves during your inspection, and to show no possible effects of the virus. You will be subject to all of the checks applied to all visitors.

Our Residents’ Welfare

As well as the physical and mental actions previously mentioned, there are other initiatives of residents and staff worth noting, including one clever lady now making face masks for distribution within the villages. Our staff and residents are producing regular newsletters, with residents contributing their funny stories, anecdotes and personal tales. Other residents are preparing quizzes, puzzles and tests to help pass the time and keep the brains active.

The Future

Like all of society, we do not know what the future holds, nor how long the dangers of the coronavirus pandemic will last. But be assured we will do what needs to be done, and together with our residents, will make it as safe, happy and healthy as we can.


With warm regards and good health to all.

Kevin Phillips

Managing Director  |  Belswan Lifestyle Estates