Visitors to Belswan’s Mandurah Village often express the view that this is one of the best in the region. Forward thinking when it was established twenty two years ago keeps it to the forefront today with interlinking parkland greenbelts, meandering pathways and gazebos and unlike most villages offers a unique choice of life lease and strata homes.

Accommodation within the village consists of these two distinct occupancy rights, 202 life lease and 47 strata title homes. Both forms of tenure are equally secure under the Retirement Villages Act and the Strata Titles Act. We’ll let residents explain how this unique mix works for both, Graham with life lease and Tony with strata title.

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“My wife and I came here in 2005 attracted by the amenities and the position and quality of the home we chose. Originally life lease members could only observe the workings of the Strata Council with all the decisions being made by the Strata members”~ Graham

“Georgina and I moved into the village in 2006 and like Graham took an interest in the running of the village on the Strata Council while Graham was on the Residents Committee which was run by life lease members. This all came about as our Mandurah Village was originally going to be all strata properties. About eight years ago common sense prevailed and we came together as the Management Committee with five members from each residential group plus our village manager, accountant and Kevin Phillips, Belswan’s Managing Director. A very harmonious arrangement”~ Tony

“We have always been focused on costs and how our Levies were spent. Levies in the Village have remained the same since 2014. The Reserve Fund continues to build even while undertaking village maintenance and various small and large projects. The committee is very aware of how important it is to keep the levies as low as possible as there are 120 single residents, mostly women, out of a total of 249 residencies in the village”~ Graham

“The functioning of the village Management Committee is enshrined in a memorandum of understanding which protects our rights even if the village should be sold to another owner. I believe the structure here at Belswan’s Lifestyle Village in Mandurah is very reassuring to anyone considering a move to a village like ours”. ~ Tony











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Although there is a sense of friendly competition between the two categories they both share representation on the Management Committee. A rare combination but one that allows all decisions regarding the village to be handled democratically. The committee sets levies, expenditure and determines village rules and projects to be undertaken within the village.

The Mandurah Village has a grand community centre with heated indoor pool, bowling greens and the unique bonus of an Aegis aged care facility adjoining the complex (conditions apply). This is a great advantage when one of the residents requires care while the other can enjoy all the village amenities but still remain close to their partner.

The strong and active community who were very creative in keeping the spirit alive during the required Covid 19 lockdown are now ready to welcome back their family, friends and potential new residents.

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For further information or to arrange a tour of Belswan’s Mandurah Village please call Robyn Craig of Seniors Own Real Estate on 0418 464 269 or 9243 1366. This is the lifestyle you deserve.