Celebration was in order last week with Belswan Mandurah recognising its 25th silver anniversary. Over 100 friends and residents came together over morning tea with Belswan’s Managing Director Nick Allingame noting the significance of the event and thanking those involved for making the celebration possible.

He also extended a specific welcome to special guests attending.

“Welcome to our early settlers group of Kathleen Hale, Lois Nicholson, Isabella Cornelisse & Margaret Bessen who moved into the village in 1999 when there was a lot of sand, dreams and aspiration, but only a few houses.  We are so glad to have you here and for making this your home for the last 25 years,” Nick said.

“I also acknowledge Councilors Amber Kearns, Shannon White and Daniel Wilkins from the City of Mandurah.  The City’s support both in the early years as well as its continued support is greatly appreciated, as is giving up your time to help us celebrate this occasion.”

In commenting on the history of the village, Nick remarked that about 27 years ago a group of private individuals saw an opportunity to build a retirement village with an active community lifestyle they hoped would appeal to potential residents.

“I am pleased to say that today’s event is a testament to their vision.

Over the years, the village has had many changes and grown in size but the one constant has been residents being able to enjoy an active retirement filled with many activities and friendships in a community that respects and celebrates people’s individuality.  Even the recent COVID pandemic was not enough to discourage people from helping each other out and bringing the community together”.

A photographic display of the village over the years and its varied activities reminded many of the friendships formed and the great memories that current and past residents had of living here.

A token of appreciation was presented to early settlers Kathleen, Lois, Isabella and Margaret, with Kathleen proudly cutting the birthday cake and everyone enjoying a wonderful morning tea.

“The strong sense of community, the spacious layout of the village and its close proximity to the heart of Mandurah’s services and amenities means it continues to be a vibrant lifestyle choice for those who call Belswan home,” Nick concludes.

The Social Club is planning a ball later in the year to further mark the milestone occasion.

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To discover more about living at Belswan Mandurah or Pinjarra contact Grant on 1800 000 055.

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