With the advent of warmer weather it seemed an ideal time for a couple who were childhood neighbours to come together to tie the knot in marriage. Julie and Craig Gunn grew up side by side in Albany but are now both residents of Belswan’s Pinjarra Village.

Their wedding was a great occasion that involved not only their respective families but all the village residents. Everyone was invited, and the chosen venue was a special location in the garden that had been developed by a team led by Terry Monk and Ben the gardener.

As Julie explains “I have run the hairdressing salon here in the village for a number of years and have developed many friends amongst the residents, they are all just like family so when management was supportive of having our wedding in the village it was our opportunity to invite them all for afternoon tea and our ceremony.

Later our friends and family had a reception in the village dining room.

The Sisterhood who are 5 women residents not only decorated the dining room for us but during the reception slipped into nun’s habits and belted out “Follow Him” from the Whoopi Goldberg film Sister Act. It was a scream. “Catered by Carven” run by my niece catered for the event and another niece Bronwyn made our wedding cake. The food and atmosphere were terrific for our guests. It was a really fun day”.

Following their big day Julie and Craig headed for Margaret River then spent time with family and guests who had travelled from the east for their wedding.

Kevin Phillips Belswan’s managing director attended the special day, “we were pleased that Julie and Craig wanted to have their wedding at our Pinjarra Village. It just further demonstrated the strong community spirit that exists in our villages. Julie is a bright sparkling personality who has endeared herself to all who meet her and especially the women who are her hairdressing clients. Craig has employment outside of the village but enjoys retreating home to the security and all the amenities the Belswan Village at Pinjarra offers”.

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