Swallows are said to be a welcome sign of spring. They traverse whole continents to escape the winter chill.

At Belswan Pinjarra we have our own flock of swallows, a congenial group of residents that pack up their caravans and motor homes and head north for the winter. They soak up the sun, enjoy a glass or two of wine and dine on many a barbeque. It’s a tough life but they reappear looking refreshed having met up with similar birds of a feather from all over the country.                                                                               Of course whatever else they get up to while on the trek stays on the trek but they come back to enjoy all the amenities of their village for the warmer months knowing that their homes and belongings have remained safe and secure in their absence.

Peter and Joan Tait are regular trippers to Kalbarri where they meet up with fellow Belswan Village Pinjarra residents Fred and Jean for a few weeks R and R. Joan chooses to travel via the inland route for the natural wildflower display often spending a night or two in Caroo where they have got to know some of the locals in the town. In summer Fred and Jean join them in retreating down south to Flinders Bay near Augusta in late January. They enjoy the flexibility of Belswan living knowing that their neighbours will clear the letterbox and water their pots while they explore new locations. When not on the move their dog is always keen to walk them through the extensive parkland surrounds and village greenbelts.

Five couples used to meet in Exmouth every year spending two to three months in the sun, socialising together and fishing. Colin and Lee Mathews still make the pilgrimage along with the other four couples the only difference being is that now they have all independently chosen to live in the Belswan Lifestyle Village in Pinjarra. This allows them to enjoy the best of both worlds – the freedom to travel and all the benefits and security of the Belswan Lifestyle Village in Pinjarra.

Known as her “Cubby House on Wheels” Di and partner Brian are always on the move whether up north or down south depending on the seasons. As Di says “we just hook up and go, knowing everything is safe and secure in our village”.

If this is the lifestyle that appeals to you discuss your options with Robyn Craig on 0488 155 110 or the Seniors Own Real Estate office on (08) 9243 1366. Spring could be the time you make your move.