As one reaches retirement age you realise that what is more important than all the money in the world is your health. Having good health allows you to make the most of life. Whether its travel, sporting pursuits or the simple things like gardening, shopping or just walking the dog, good health is paramount to your enjoyment.

Sometimes quite unexpectedly life throws you a curved ball and you might suffer a medical emergency completely without warning.

The residents of Belswan’s Mandurah Lifestyle Village have the benefit of adjacent care facilities rarely matched by other retirement accommodation with a concentrated circle of care around their village.

Adjacent to the village is the Aegis Aged Care Facility incorporating high and low care as well as dementia secure facilities, across the road are the Peel Health Campus a full service hospital and within a hop, step and a jump is the Silver Chain nursing and home help group. The village residents also have emergency access call buttons to Blueforce which summon help 24/7. Several residents found that these facilities can be a lifesaver.

Earlier this year Thea and Jim Smith set off on an idyllic cruise to Hong Kong, one and a half days out of Hong Kong they dined well and retired to their cabin for the evening. During the night Thea realised Jim was having difficulties moving and summoned the ships doctor who diagnosed a severe stroke. Being in the middle of the ocean a helicopter was organised to cable lift Jim off the boat and transfer him to hospital in Hong Kong where he spent two harrowing weeks before being airlifted back to Perth by his travel insurer.

Thea had trouble visiting Jim before he was transferred to the Aegis facility now she is able to visit with a short walk twice a day. “It is so convenient and I am able to sneak him little treats which he really enjoys” says Thea.

Ray Gunn an early resident of the Mandurah Village credits the quick action of his wife Kay in getting him to the Peel Health Campus for his speedy recovery from a heart attack. Ray explains, “Getting early treatment before the transfer to hospital in Murdoch for my operation has allowed me to quickly get back to all the things I enjoy like being President of our social committee and indoor and outdoor bowls. During my recuperation I was buoyed by our very supportive friends in the village”.

The Silver Chain nurses and home help staff are like daughters to Tony and Anne Fletcher. “We are determined to stay here in Belswan’s Mandurah village” says Tony. “The support provided by the Silver Chain girls are our lifeline, they keep an eye on our physical condition and when needed transport us to our medical appointments. We get showered, have our washing done, meals prepared, vacuuming, if fact whatever we need they provide. Anne and I have been together 60 years and have been Belswan residents since 1999. We are very happy here and Silver Chains all-encompassing service allows us to stay together in our own home”.

Belswan’s Mandurah Lifestyle Village not only has all the amenities one might expect in a modern retirement living environment but with the adjacent facilities has the added safety net of a circle of care for any medical emergency that might arise.

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