Last week Belswan’s Mandurah Lifestyle Village held a presentation of the Primetime future planning program by its creator Peter Tyndall a chartered accountant who developed the self-help program for his ageing parents.

Guests were surprised by the events that could change one’s lifestyle and impact on security in later years. Subjects addressed were estate planning, asset distribution and legacies one might leave to family and friends, aging care and support, health and wellness issues even making allowances for a “bucket list” of fun activities one might wish to undertake.

All attendees came to realize that the “she’ll be right attitude” of most typical Australians could leave them without financial means in later life.

Belswan Managing Director Kevin Phillips saw Primetime as beneficial for Belswan residents and announced that the program would be available to all residents at no cost which naturally gained a spontaneous round of applause from those in attendance.

If you wish to know more about Primetime Peter Tyndall’s contact details are or 0447 297 300.